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The principles of yoga are based on the psychosomatic concept of the unity of soul and body; after years of intentional distortion and unilateral interpretation of how our body works, we are once again discovering the ancient truth of the mystery of human existence.

The current, over-technological era, which mainly prefers unrestricted economic growth and profit, literally at all costs, places disproportionate demands on the human body, and in our efforts to adapt to this tempo we experience health problems that even technologically advanced medicine struggles to deal with. People therefore naturally seek help in traditional, tried-and-tested systems of holistic and natural healing such as herbal medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture.

Yoga, which has existed for thousands of years, is becoming more current due to its holistic, and therefore more effective, approach, as it does not separate mental/psychological and physical manifestations from one another. On the contrary, its almost miraculous effect on human health stems from the aforementioned respecting of the unity not only of the mental and physical, but also of the spiritual dimension of the human body.  Therefore, the word "yoga" could be translated as the unification or harmonisation of these planes. Not only traditional Chinese medicine, but also Indian Ayurveda perceives disease as a problem resulting from disrupted unity and balance, most often between psychic and somatic expression between mental and physical functions.

In modern parlance it is called a psychosomatic approach.

Yoga therefore distinguishes itself from other, especially physical education disciplines, by emphasising a conscious way of performing exercises which, in order to have the expected therapeutic effect, must be performed not only physically, but also with the conscious participation of the psyche when the practical realisation of individual techniques and exercises requires concentration. In practice, this means that we do not exercise mechanically, but while giving our full attention to the movement and technique being performed. The human mind tends to continually displace us and divert our attention. However, if we are distraught and upset, we cannot even feel good. Because yoga perceives the mind as energy and not as a chimerical nothing, it is precisely work with the mind and attention, with the aim of dominating it, an equal, if not more important, criterion for the efficiency of exercise in the spirit of yoga. Another characteristic factor of the yoga technique is breathing. “Breath” and “spirit” are related as concepts. Breathing as a manifestation of the spirit also has its basis in the Latin word spiritus, thus expressing both the function of breathing and also the meaning of the concept of spirit.

Therefore, in order to achieve proper and effective exercise, during yoga we try to ensure the harmonisation of the physical, mental and spiritual function, where the last function is represented by the awareness of breathing, which we endeavour to harmonise with exercises.

However, in our efforts to ensure the correctness of the exercises, these requirements should not lead us to increase tension, but on the contrary, to relax ourselves, which is also a philosophical basis of the ethical rule of nonviolence. In a nutshell, the motivational aim and the goal of our efforts should be not only a certain mastery of the body, but also the control of the mind, or of our often fragmented attention, where in the course of our lives we often do things unthinkingly, automatically, and routinely, which at the very least deprives us of necessary joy, which is the necessary life energy, without which life would lose its meaning. Realising the deeper sense and principle of being, which is spiritual and not material, through conscious action and living life with your full attention on the here and now, is our credo and the goal of the practice of yoga at our spa.