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For doctors

For doctors

Stays based on health insurance

What are the types of payments for spa care?

Spa treatment and rehabilitation care is provided exclusively as consequent in-patient care. It is either paid in comprehensive or contributory fashion.
The indication list for treatment and rehabilitation care (Annex no. 5 of the Public Health Insurance Act) determines individual indications, the length of the treatment stay, the option of extending it, the option for repeating spa care and its interval. The conditions given by law for providing spa care are supplemented by Decree of the Ministry of Health of the CR No. 2/2015 Coll., laying down indication prerequisites, contraindications, professional criteria for providing spa treatment, fields of specialization of recommending physicians, indication focus of spa locations, etc.


Comprehensive or contributory?

The question of whether spa care will be provided as comprehensive (fully covered) or contributory arises from the aforementioned legislative standards by which physicians must abide.

In the case of comprehensive spa treatment and rehabilitation care, the health insurer pays costs for treatment, accommodations and meals in the standard level agreed upon with the spa care provider. Upon complex spa treatment and rehabilitation care, VZP ČR (General Health Insurance Company Czech Republic) will cover transport to and from the spa facility only in case that the health condition of the patient, based on the statement of the examining physician indicating such transport does not allow for standard transport without use of a health transport service.

Accommodations for an escort for comprehensive spa rehabilitation care is only paid in case his or her necessity is confirmed by the prescribing physician (the patient’s insurance company covers expenses for the escort – accommodations and meals).

The second type is contributory spa treatment and rehabilitation care. Here, the health insurance only covers payment of standard treatment, and the patient covers expenses for staying at the spa. Financial expenses for contributory care vary based on the length of the treatment stay, the quality of accommodations and the time of year that the patient chooses for spa treatment.

For both types of spa treatment, the proposal must be approved by the prescribing physician.