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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The company Spa Resort Libverda (LÁZNĚ LIBVERDA, a.s.), hereinafter “Spa Resort Libverda”, operating the Website www.lazne-libverda.cz, undertakes to protect and respect your right to privacy.
These Principles determine the basis according to which we will process any personal data that we obtain from you or you provide us with. This concerns:

· functions and services of a Website provided to you when you visit our Website;

· e-newsletters;

· e-mails, other electronic messages via telephone and use of the Website and other communication between you and Spa Resort Libverda.

Please read carefully the following text so that you understand procedures concerning your personal data and how we will handle it. By your explicit consent with these Principles when visiting the Website www.lazne-libverda.cz, you accept the wording and procedures described herein.

We apply a “clear approach” to explaining our procedures for protecting personal data as recommended by oversight bodies. That means we try to provide you only relevant information on protection of privacy concerning utilized services of Spa Resort Libverda, and for this we use a “simple form” of these Principles. Please don’t hesitate to share with us your feedback and ask any questions you may have.



We can gather and process data about you with the aim of our greater effectiveness in providing specialized information on personal data protection, and of enabling you to obtain the key information on personal data protection. You can provide us with some of this information for example by completing forms on the Website or communication with us by means of telephone, e-mail or otherwise. We gather other data automatically with your consent, for example by using cookies, when you visit our Website. Personal data will be stored and used for a period necessary for informing you of introducing new European legislation in the area of data protection and a consequent period when its consequences will be further professionally specified.

We receive and maintain information that you enter on our Website or that you provide us by any other means, including e.g. information that you provide us during your stay as a guest in one of our managed hotels. Provision of any information is voluntary with the exception of cases when something else is stated. However, in cases when you decided not to provide certain information, it is possible that we won’t be able to answer or react to your question or request, and you will not be able to use some or all of our services. For completeness, we state that among information that we receive from you, there is mainly information provided according to Act No. 326/1999 Coll. on residence of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic, as amended, and Act No. 565/1990 Coll., on local fees, as amended. This concerns the given name, surname, date of birth, nationality, permanent residence abroad, travel document number and visa if indicated in the travel document, start date and finish date of accommodation, and possibly the purpose of stay. We may also optionally request of your further data in the scope of your vehicle license plate for ensuring parking, and your e-mail and telephone number in order to send commercial messages.


E-mail communication

If you provide your e-mail address, we can send you advertising and marketing materials by e-mail. In every e-mail that we send you, you will be offered the option of not receiving such advertising and marketing materials. If you are accommodated as a guest in one of the hotels we manage, we can also use your e-mail address after your visit ends for sending a survey in the framework of customer satisfaction research. If you don’t wish for us to send you such a survey, you can let us know of this fact at the e-mail address: info,lazne-libverda,cz In case of reservation of stays in hotels that we manage, you can have sent via the Internet an automatically generated e-mail confirmation if you make any purchase transaction with us, and occasionally from our reservation agents for sales, if it concerns questions regarding your held reservation of any of our products or services.

Information from other sources

By our efforts to increase the level of personalization of our services (for example providing a recommendation or special offers that we believe could interest you), we can gain information from other sources, and add it to the existing information about you. In cases when it is essential for us to provide you services, conclude or exercise an agreement with you, or answer your questions or requirements, or react to them by adopting a measure, we can share the existing information with third parties. We also use providers of third party services for processing payments between the reserving client and the accommodation facility. These service providers share data on payment for us to be able to manage your reservation and ensure that everything regarding it is in order.



Information that we gather on you is used for us to provide you with our services, to notify you of changes in our services, and to improve our services. With your permission, we can also use this information to inform you on other services and products that we or our selected third parties offer, and which are similar to those you have already used or queried, or which are aimed at the things that interest you.

We continue to use your personal data mainly for completing and managing your reservation, and on its basis, for implementing the accommodation agreement, which is most important for our company as a provider of such services.

We use your data for marketing activities. These activities mainly include use of your contact data for sending news on products and services relating to your visit in our hotel, creation of a reservation on your part or to opening a user account. You can quickly and simply stop receiving this marketing communication via the link for unsubscribing contained in every newsletter.

In certain cases, we may contact you by e-mail, telephone or SMS message in relation to the contact data you provided us with. And we process the communication that you send to us. This further communication may take place for the following reasons:

1.         Processing and answering all of your requests concerning accommodations and reservations.

2.         In case you do not complete your online reservation, we may send you an e-mail with a reminder that you have an incomplete reservation. We believe this concerns a useful service because thanks to it, you can continue in the reservation already started, and you do not have to reenter your reservation data.

3.         If you utilize our services, we may send you a survey or ask you to assess your experience with our company.

4.         We may also send you other administrative messages such as notifications concerning security, even though you have no upcoming reservation.



We do not share your personal data with anyone besides cases stated in these Principles.
We may share your personal information with third parties to inform you on products and services fulfilling the aforementioned conditions, only if we have your permission or where the law requires or allows. We can also share your personal data with third parties with the aim of preventing a crime and decreasing risk if required by law and where we find it appropriate, in reaction to judicial proceedings or in order to protect the rights or assets of Spa Resort Libverda, our customers or others.

If in the case of your reservation on your part or the part of the holder of a card by which the reservation was guaranteed, a charge-back is required, it is possible that we will share certain reservation data with payment service providers and relevant financial institutions. This data may include a copy of your confirmation of reservation or IP address from which the reservation was performed. If we consider it essential in order to uncover and prevent fraud, we can share your data with the relevant financial institutions.

We make personal data accessible for fulfilling legal obligations, and in case of exercising a right, if required by law, or if it is necessary for preventing, uncovering and prosecuting crimes and cases of fraud. We may also make personal data accessible to the relevant bodies in order to protect and safeguard our rights and assets or the rights or assets of our business partners.

We work with business partners across the globe. Some of these partners distribute or promote our services, or help our further business partners to distribute and promote their own travel-related services. This may mean that their services are integrated into our Website/applications, and are permitted to show you personalized advertising.



Our Website uses “cookies” and further technologies that with your permission store a small amount of data on your computer or device to enable collection of certain information from your web browser. Cookies are commonly used on the Internet, and enable Websites/portals to recognize the user's computer or device without definitely identifying the individual person using the computer or device. These technologies enable you to sign in to a Website and use it, they provide us with feedback about what part of the Website you visit, so we can assess the effectiveness of the Website, thus enabling you a better user experience, or so we can provide you with an advertisement for Spa Resort Libverda while you browse other Websites.

Further information about cookies including how to find out which cookies were set up and how to manage them, block them and delete them, can be found at the Website www.allaboutcookies.org. You can also set up your browser to not accept any cookies whatsoever. Please realize however that this may influence your ability to use the services that we provide.



In accordance with the laws of the European Union governing data security, we ensure adequate procedures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data and its misuse.

For us to protect and secure personal data that you provide to us, we use the necessary business systems and procedures. We also apply security procedures and technical and physical limitations for access to personal data and its use on our servers. Only authorized personnel working directly with the data have access to personal data.



We maintain your personal data only for the necessary time period, i.e. mainly for this purpose for us to fulfill the concluded agreement and legal obligations. For the needs of archiving agreements (and possible claims that may result from an agreement even after its expiration), and with regard to legal requirements, we maintain data for a maximum of 10 years after termination of the contractual relationship. For the purposes of fulfilling the agreement and legal obligations, we can process necessary personal data without the given subject’s permission.



If it is relevant in the given case, you have many rights according to legislation governing personal data protection, including the right to raise an objection against processing, the right to view personal data maintained about you; you can also require us to make any necessary changes for ensuring its accuracy and updated status; you can also limit the scope of personal data that we process about you; request transfer of your personal data to another organization; or you have the right to have your data deleted, i.e. to “be forgotten”. If, in the event it is necessary, you require a copy of your personal data that we maintain, please contact us by e-mail: gdpr,lazne-libverda,cz. For this purpose, we have a set fee of CZK 150.00. We further point out the possibility of filing possible complaints to the oversight agency overseeing personal data protection.



Any changes that we may make in the future in these Principles of Personal Data Protection will be published at this Website, and if it is appropriate, we will inform you of them by e-mail. Please check this Website often to find out about all updates and changes in these Principles of Personal Data Protection.



You always have the right to access your personal data that we maintain. You can also request an overview of such data by sending an e-mail to gdpr,lazne-libverda,cz . In the subject of your e-mail, please state “Request for personal data”, so we could process your request as soon as possible.

You can contact us also in case you think that the personal data that we maintain is incorrect, if you feel that we are not longer authorized to use your personal data or if you have other questions regarding use of your personal data or a Declaration of Protection of Privacy.

If processing personal data is founded upon the legitimate interest of the administrator (including direct marketing), you can raise an objection against such processing if this processing concerns the purpose under objection.


If you conclude that in relation to our processing of personal data, your rights have been violated, you can file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection, address Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7, www.uoou.cz.

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