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The Spa Resort Libverda primarily treats clients with problems of the musculoskeletal system, those requiring post-surgery care of the spine and due to joint replacement, and patients with cardiac and circulatory system diseases. The natural ferritic acidulous springs containing magnesium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, and silicic acid play an important part in treatment. This carbonaceous mineral water is used externally in bath treatments. Therapy also includes peat wraps, whirlpools with various additives, various types of massages (classical, reflexology, underwater), pool exercises, mobilization techniques, exercise with physiotherapists, exercise using machines, continuous passive motion (CPM) devices, electro-treatment, and more. Care includes 24-hour medical service and supervision and an emergency room.



In Spa Resort Libverda, we traditionally treat:

Diseases of the heart, blood vessels and blood circulation

1. conditions following a myocardial infarct
2. conditions following reconstructive and revascularization surgeries on the vascular system
3. ischemic heart disease
4. conditions following inflammation of the heart muscle, cardiac nitroblanes and the pericardium 
5. hypertension of the 1st to 3rd degree
6. arterial disease of the limbs
7. conditions following thromboses and thrombophlebitis
8. conditions following surgeries on esophageal varices
9. chronic lymphatic edema
10. peripheral vascular disease
11. conditions following surgeries on congenital or acquired heart defects
12. conditions following coronary angioplasty
13. conditions following acute carditis
14. congenital and acquired heart defects

Locomotor system diseases

1. locomotor system diseases of inflammatory and degenerative origin
2. consequent professional rehabilitation after spine operations
3. rehabilitation and consultation to clients after locomotor system operations
4. rehabilitation and consultation after reconstructive surgery in traumatology 
5. painful tendon syndromes
6. back pain
7. leg pain without difference, etiopathogenesis
8. vertebral dissolution syndromes

Oncological diseases

1. 1. malignant tumors of the locomotor system, bone oncology of blood elements


We provide the following treatment procedures:

Hydrotherapy Electrotherapy RehabilitationManual techniquesThermotherapyOther procedures