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History & Philosophy



The town was first mentioned in the land and duty register of the Frýdlant domain from 1381 maintained in the state archive in Děčín.  
The town's original name was Lybenwerde. The village became known by the end of the 14th century, when reports began to spread about the healing effects of the local spring. The ones speaking about it were pilgrims who refreshed themselves here with “God’s water” along the way from Lužice to the Marian pilgrimage Church of the Visitation in neighboring Hejnice.At that time, Libverda could boast having famous guests.
Besides the Saxon elector August I, this also included the Bohemian humanist Bohuslav Hasištejnský of Lobkovice.
Since the end of the 16th century, the mineral water here has been helping patients from all corners of Europe.



We treat, we relax, and we spend our free time actively. We do all this with respect to the local spa tradition and history, in a picturesque hollow with spectacular views of the Jizera Mountain peaks.

Treat, regenerate, relax and do something beneficial for body and soul - that is the Roman spa philosophy proven over the ages. Those were the guiding principles of spa founder Filip Clam-Gallas and the Monastery provided the spiritual overlap. Today's spa managers also link back to these values and attempt to develop them so that care for the client would respect modern spa industry trends and spiritual regeneration, and would meet the demands for quality lodging, gastronomy and active ways to spend one’s free time.

Uniqueness of the treatment stay:

Despite the trend towards spa privatization in the 1990s, Spa Resort Libverda placed all services under one roof, keeping its uniqueness in the necessity to move around the spa complex in order to get from place to place. The main ailments treated here are of the locomotor system, and clients have to become mobile and move around. The clients themselves are the first to speak of the indisputable effect of such “forced” movement, as they are positively surprised by the significant improvement in their mobility in the second half of their treatment stay.