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Thermotherapy is a treatment method in which heat and cold are applied in a variety of ways. The application of cold, or cryotherapy, is called negative thermotherapy.

The application of heat is positive thermotherapy. Both can be applied in a wide variety of ways.

Possible application media are air and water.


We can observe the effects of cold

  • on the skin,
  • in the blood circulation (vasodilation or vasoconstriction),
  •  on breathing (cold causes deeper breathing and heat causes superficial breathing),
  • on digestion (cold slows the metabolism),
  • on the nervous system,
  • on the muscles (relaxation).


As stated above, cryotherapy is a negative thermotherapy procedure that uses temperatures of 0 degrees and below.

This treatment method induces vasoconstriction, analgesia and the easing of inflammation.

We offer various forms of application of cryotherapy – ice bath, massage, bags, compresses, local applicators.

Here at the spa we use a local applicator. This device uses convection to transfer cold, dry air through a strong pipe onto the surface of the body part being treated.

We apply positive therapy using a sauna and paraffin.

Sauna treatment is the repeated application of hot, dry air followed by cooling. This procedure has a long tradition, primarily in the northern European nations (mainly Finland) and is used to cleanse and harden the body and reinforce one’s health.

Paraffin, or positive thermotherapy, has a lower thermal capacity than water, meaning that it retains heat better. We apply paraffin by the repeated submerging of the limb, application by brush, laying of impregnated cloths and spraying with a special pistol.