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Individual exercise targets issues related to a given diagnosis, where the patient (client) undergoes an initial kinesiological analysis by a physiotherapist, who then draws up a precise treatment plan using the methods described below. The client is also informed of their schedule and restrictions. Adherence to the treatment plan allows a quicker return to everyday life.


Methods used during individual exercise sessions:

Foot reflexology.

Reflexology therapy of the face and scalp.

Comprehensive shoulder therapy.

The Brúgger concept.

Manual therapy according to Mojžíšová.

Exercise with balls, balance pads, and overballs.

The Shroth Method for scoliosis.

A course in conscious posture correction techniques involving exercise on balls and balance pads.

Comprehensive cervical spine therapy.

Utilization of active segmental centering for post-trauma joint issues.

Treatment of neural structures based on the Maitland concept.

The McKenzie method within the context of centred posture.

Postural proprioceptive therapy for segmental instability according to Dr. Eugen Rašen, utilizing Posturomed neuro-orthopaedic aids.

HSSP diagnostics and therapy of the spinal stabilization system.

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).

Ball facilitation.

SM system – spiral stabilization.


Segmental massage.

Basic principles of the R. Brunkow method.

A basic Basal Stimulation course.