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Stay Cancellation Insurance

Stay Cancellation Insurance

In cooperation with ERV Evropská pojišťovna, a.s. we offer you the HotelStorno insurance in case of cancellation of your stay. This way you don't have to wait until the last minute to book, but can book at your convenience and for any date without fear of cancellation. 

What is covered by HotelStorno Insurance?

We offer two insurance options, Basic or Optimal

Both insurance include  stay cancellation caused by:

  • an acute illness/injury to you or a close relative or the contraction of COVID-19,
  • uncaused loss of employment,
  • divorce proceedings,
  • taking a make-up exam during the term of stay,
  • extensive damage to your residence.

In addition, Optimal includes:

  • cancellation of your stay due to personal quarantine of you or a fellow traveller due to COVID-19,
  • liability for damage to the accommodation facility up to CZK 100,000,
  • insurance in the event of early termination of an already started stay (max. amount of CZK 10,000 and daily max. CZK 1,000).

How much will the Insurance costs and how to take it out?

The insurance premium is based on the price of the stay and other services booked and is a percentage. The Basic option costs 4% of the total price of your reservation, the Optimal option costs 6%. 

E.g. The price for the stay and other ordered services for 2 persons is CZK 20,000. The Basic option of the cancellation insurance costs CZK 800, the Optimal option costs CZK 1,200. Only one of the options can be selected. 

When booking online on our website, you can request a quote for a nominal fee. In this case, we will contact you with an offer immediately. In case of acceptance of the offer, the cancellation insurance is binding and must be paid. Payment of the insurance premium is due within three days after the reservation is made. After payment, we will send you an insurance policy with ERV Evropská pojišťovna, a.s.

Terms and Conditions of Insurance:

  • the earliest start date is in 15 days – can be requested when booking online, by phone or by e-mail; subsequently it must be arranged within 3 working days of online booking;
  • the start date of the stay is within 15 days – can be requested at the time of booking by phone or e-mail and the insurance can be arranged at the same time as booking;
  • insurance cannot be arranged at a later date.

  • the amount of the excess is 20%,
  • 10% in case of hospitalisation,
  • in the event of illness or quarantine due to COVID-19, the excess is 20%,
  • the amount of the excess is set by the insurer and cannot be changed.

If you take out the insurance and are unable to attend, you will make a claim with ERV (as if you had an accident and made a claim where you are insured). However, we will be happy to advise you on everything. 

Insurance flyer available here. You can read the information leaflet for the insurance product here.

Insurance conditions can be found here.

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