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The use of water as a source of healing goes back to the times of ancient Babylon, Egypt and China. The pioneer of hydrotherapy in Europe is regarded as Asclepius, who built a massive hydrotherapy complex in Epidaurus on the Peloponnesian peninsula. The Romans were the greatest proponents of the systematic building of baths. The use of water for the purpose of healing was developed to its most sophisticated degree by the physician Priessnitz, and one hundred years later by the priest and physician, Kneipp.

While water affects the whole of the human body, we see the greatest effects on the vessels – primarily the superficial and lymphatic vessels, and bodily cavities. Hydrostatic pressure means that a person with a mass of 70 kg weighs 8 kg when submerged in water. The movement of water – through whirlpool baths, subaquatic massage, and Scottish showers – or the movement of gas – pearl baths – have massaging and reflexive effects.

The hydrotherapeutic procedures that we offer include e.g.

Whole-body whirlpool, whirlpool on both the upper and lower limbs – this procedure utilises the healing effects of heat and light massage.

Hydromassage bath, in which the effect consists in the massaging of the skin and hypodermis through the flow of compressed air.

Subaquatic massage (current massage) – this combines the mechanical and thermal effect and the aquatic environment.
The goal of this deep massage is to loosen up stiff muscles and connective tissue and partially loosen up the joint.

Four-chambered galvanic bath – consists of a source of galvanic current and baths for the upper and lower limbs. This bath operates on the principle of unidirectional galvanic current in water. Both the upper and lower limbs are submerged in baths and the intensity and polarity of the current is selected based on the doctor’s prescription.

Alternating treadle Kneipp bath, commonly used for vessel exercises and reduction of muscle tone, starting with approx. 3 min. of treatment with warm water, followed by 20 seconds of cold-water treatment, which concludes the procedure.