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Healing Spring

Healing spring


The mineral water in Spa Resort Libverda is classified as natural, cold, moderately mineralized, carbonic, hypotonic water of the chemical type HCO3-MG,Ca (Hydrogen magnesium-calcium carbonate). The mineral water has a pleasant, refreshing taste. It is completely odorless and has a slight taste of iron.

It is mainly used to treat diabetes and cardiovascular, oncological and neurological diseases. It significantly aids in reducing or completely eliminating the pain suffered by patients from ailments of the locomotor system.

Specifications of drilled springs:

Nová Marie (hereinafter S1A) – 15 l/min (permitted increase to 18 l/min)
Pump at 27m, drilled 1964, depth 113m

Nový Kristián (hereinafter S2A) – 30 l/min (only used during main season)
Pump at 19m, drilled 1964, depth 131m

Pramen Eduard (hereinafter BJ5) – 18 l/min (permitted MZ decrease to 14-12 l/min)
Pump at 55m, drilled 1986, depth 121m


Mineral water from the drilled springs is continuously pumped into a MW tank with volume of 50m3, a so-called bunker. From this bunker, further pumps then distribute water to other operations – natural gas carbon baths, Hotel Nový Dům, Water Treatment, Drinking Hall and the kitchen of Clam-Gallas Palace. Only water from Spring S1A - the highest quality water - is led in to the Drinking Hall.

In locations where baths are provided, the water is heated by hot water heat exchangers to around 40°C and is cooled in the bath with cold mineral water to a final temperature of 35°C. In the carbon bath building, we have 17 baths - 8x 255l, 9x325l, and in hotel Nový Dům we have two rehabilitation baths.

The healing effects of our mineral water, the pleasant atmosphere of the spa, the natural surroundings and mainly the friendly and professionally trained staff all come together to help us achieve our long-term goals. This involves increasing the quality of life or our patients on one hand, while providing quality services to those seeking active relaxation on the other hand.