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Lázně Libverda

Lázně Libverda

Spa Libverda

LÁZNĚ LIBVERDA, a.s. (a joint-stock company) is a traditional health resort situated in a village of the same name in a Jizera Mountains valley, 424 m above the sea level. It is a peaceful spot with pleasant climate but it will not make you feel deserted. Its 25 km distance from the regional centre Liberec guarantees an easy access by car as well as by train and bus. 

Payment terms

Dear customers,
in frame of continuous improving of our services we arrange for You a possibility of settlements in LAZNE LIBVERDA a.s. (a joint-stock company) by following credit cards and cheques:Visa, Visa Electron, Master-Card, MasterCard Electonic, Maestro, Diners Club, CADHOC, UNISEK, UNISEK+, Sodexo, Holiday Pass, Dárkový Pass, Flexi Pass, Fokus Pass, Relax Pass

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Events in the region

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8.9.2016 - 11.12.2016
8.9.2016 - 11.12.2016
More events in the region on Liberec mě baví


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